Here is a brief overview of my most relevant projects.

More Details

Many of my contracts don't allow me to go into details or show screenshots of my work. But here are some projects where I can show all the details:

Indoor Positioning

The task for my master thesis was to investigate the potentials of indoor positioning systems in industrial environments. I developed a system that determines the position with a neural network that evaluates Bluetooth signals.

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GeoMechanic is an open-world sandbox game where the user can modify the world and create arbitrary constructions. It was the flagship project of Upvoid, a startup specializing in smooth 3D voxel technology that I co-founded.

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RailPhase is a lightweight web framework for .NET. It provides the tools necessary to write powerful web applications or embedded web servers in other applications.

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Rift-Diving is the result of a practical course at the institute for computer graphics at the RWTH Aachen University. The given task was to create a game or tech demo for the Oculus Rift.

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NormEs was a research project funded by the German government. The goal was to create a process for collaborative development of norms and standards.

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SPAG (SPace Action Game) is a fast-paced arcade game that was developed by a student workgroup at the RWTH computer graphics chair. The game was presented at the Gamescom trade fair in 2012.

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FastCGI for .NET

This is a FastCGI client implementation for .NET. It allows applications to serve content through a standard web server like Apache or Nginx with less overhead than an HTTP proxy solution.

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